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Pork the Versatile Meat

October 3, 2023 By Maxwell Hammond

It is October, commemorated the world over as national Pork Month, also referred to as Porktober. It is also the reason why this month we want to explore the versalitity…

Porktober – National Pork Month Celebrations

September 30, 2023 By Maxwell Hammond

Introduction The agricultural sector plays a pivotal role in the country's economy, providing livelihoods for millions of people and contributing significantly to Ghana’s GDP. About 52 % of the labour…

The Pig Industry of Ghana: Its contribution to food security and the economy

May 22, 2023 By Boatemaa Hammond

The pig industry of Ghana was surprised by a decision of Government to import pork and pork products into Ghana. This was based on a statement dated 18th January 2023 by…

Tilly’s Farm transitions to green energy and installs solar panels to power its operations

May 22, 2023 By Boatemaa Hammond

On May 2, 2023, Tilly’s Farm Limited (TFL) took a significant step towards sustainability by successfully transitioning all machinery and equipment in its processing unit from the national electricity grid…

Tilly’s Farm has been raising pigs for over a decade. Currently we work with a network of smallholder pig farmers to deliver quality, nutritious pork at affordable prices to the local Ghanaian market

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