About Us

About Us 

Tilly’s Farm is operates on a five acre land in Mlolo Trom a village near Somanya the capital of the  Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana where we rise pigs from infancy till they reach a desirable market weight of about 80 kg.

Our pigs ares housed in spacious pen and are mostly feed agro-processed byproducts like wheat bran, rice bran, palm kernel cake and soybean meal just to mention but a few. We do not use growth hormones or any form of hormone enhances on the farm. The farm serves as a model for our network of smallholder farmers who strive to run similar operations on their various farms.

The farm produces premium quality lean pork through its network of smallholder pig farmers for the local Ghanaian market. The farm also supports young people who want to venture into pig farming with a StartUp package which includes training and technical support and where necessary with the initial pigs to start the farm. We also provide a guarantee for purchase of their produce.

Mission Statement

To produce premium quality pork and pork products using improved production, value addition and marketing innovations.

Vision Statement

To provide Ghanaians with locally produced world-class pork products.

Recent Achievements and Awards

  • DFID ENGINE Business Plan Competition Pilot Phase Top Tier Winner, 2014
  • Municipal Best Pig Farmer for the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana for 2016

Our Current Directors

Maxwell’s family has always kept livestock and had contributed to him going to study agric at Achimota School where he took a keen interest in animal husbandry. He went on to study psychology at the University of Ghana – Legon. During his national service he saved up his allowances with which he started Tilly’s Farm in 2005. In the same year he entered his pig farm concept into the “Believe Begin Become” business plan competition which sponsored by the Google Foundation with Technoserve as organizers and was awarded  as a General Category winner. After a couple of false starts he had to temporarily go into full time employment with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

In 2014, he was a top tier winner in the pilot phase of the DFID funded ENGINE program organized by Technoserve, Ghana. This year Maxwell was awarded as the best pig farmer in the Yolo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region.

He has since 2008 been working for the GIZ in Accra, Ghana but has since November 2016 resigned to concentrate on running the farm as General Manager. A feature on him by the Business and Financial Times.

Tillys-managerBoatemaa is a director of the farm, her responsibilities include but not limited to the monitoring of the directors, and to act in the interest of all stakeholders. She is a Human Resource and Communication professional with over eight years experience and brings her experience in shaping the vision of the farm.

She started her career with Dredging International GmbH having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana. She also holds certificates in communications from the Ghana Institute of Journalism where she completed a Masters Degree in Development Communication in 2016.  She is also author of several articles and publications and has also participated and contributed to some workshops and conference in her scope of work.

Currently she work’s as Group Corporate Affairs Coordinator at Golden Star Resources with a portfolio including communications, administration and management of the Group corporate office.