About Us

About Us 

Tilly’s Farm is operates on a five acre land in Mlolo Trom a village near Somanya the capital of the  Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana where we rise pigs from infancy till they reach a desirable market weight of about 80 kg.

Our pigs ares housed in spacious pen and are mostly feed agro-processed byproducts like wheat bran, rice bran, palm kernel cake and soybean meal just to mention but a few. We do not use growth hormones or any form of hormone enhances on the farm. The farm serves as a model for our network of smallholder farmers who strive to run similar operations on their various farms.

The farm produces premium quality lean pork through its network of smallholder pig farmers for the local Ghanaian market. The farm also supports young people who want to venture into pig farming with a StartUp package which includes training and technical support and where necessary with the initial pigs to start the farm. We also provide a guarantee for purchase of their produce.


The farm runs an out-grower pig farming operation that empowers small holder pig farmers to gain access to high end markets. The farm also supports the youth to take up pig farming as an economic venture. By this we help to create jobs for the youth and also help improve the incomes of small holder pig farmers.

We currently have a Farrow-to-Finish operation; farrow-to-finish involves breeding and farrowing sows, and feeding the offspring until they reach a desired market weight. This includes all phases of pig production: breeding, gestation, farrowing, lactation, weaning, and subsequently growing the pigs to market.

Mission Statement

To produce premium quality pork and pork products using improved production, value addition and marketing innovations.

Vision Statement

To provide Ghanaians with locally produced world-class pork products.

Recent Achievements and Awards

  • DFID ENGINE Business Plan Competition Pilot Phase Top Tier Winner, 2014
  • Municipal Best Pig Farmer for the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana for 2016